Junk Mail Remover

Delete junk, spam, viruses, and big e-mails

Is your e-mail address bombed by spammers or viruses? With the help of Junk Mail Remover you are able to delete all this junk email messages fast and easily. If your connection is slow (dial-up, GPRS, etc) or you have to pay for internet traffic, this program will save your time and money (and nerves therefore).

Junk Mail Remover connects to your mail server and downloads all headers or headers of large messages only. You can analyze message attributes (sender, recipient, subject, size) and decide which e-mails are needless.

Then you mark them for deletion and the program removes marked messages from mail server. Filters and SpamAssasin support can help to mark messages automatically. After this you can download remaining messages which are clear from viruses, huge attachments, and other junk.